Cosmic Invaders

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Cosmic Invaders
Title screen
Company Spectral Associates
Publisher Dragon Data Ltd
Release 1982
Platform Dragon 32 Dragon 64
Genre Action
Gamemode 1P Only
Operation Icon tastatur.png Icon joystick 2.png
Media Icon Cartridge.png
Language Language:english

The Dragon Data version of the classic Space Invaders game. You control your ship at the bottom of the screen and battle the invading aliens marching across the screen. You can move sideways and fire at the invaders. There are three defenses that you can hide behind, but they will quickly get shot to pieces by the invaders, or maybe your own firing. From time to time, an UFO will fly across the top of the screen. Shoot it for extra points.

An extra feature compared to the "classics" is the shield and the hyperspace. You can control the shield using and activate hyperspace by using a second joystick. The shield is a small line positioned just above your defenses. You can shoot through the shield, but the invaders cannot.




Cosmic Invaders was packaged as a cartridge. The cartridge contains 8k ROM.

Cosmic Invaders cartridge Open Cosmic Invaders cartridge exposing the electronics