Crazy Painter

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Crazy Painter
Crazy Painter Cassette Cover.jpg
Developer Charles Guy
Company The Cornsoft Group
Publisher Microdeal
Release 1983
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.png Icon joystick 1.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

This game is very likely to drive you crazy. Your job is to paint the screen using your paintbrush and a few buckets of paint. Once your brush runs dry you will have to open a new bucket of paint and keep going. To make your job worse, various characters appear walking across your freshly painted surface leaving ugly footprints in their path. You have to cover those with more paint. Some of these characters can be killed by painting them, others will kill you.

The game starts in a relatively easy-going style at level A but quickly pick up pace as you progress through the levels. Level H is completely insane with all kinds of characters popping out to ruin your paint, everything moving at a frantic speed, and even the music playing so fast that it alone can drive anyone crazy.

It is possible to start the game at any of the levels.


Dragon User - December 1983

"From the hi-tech world of arcade pursuits to more homely surroundings. Imagine the scene - you have decided to paint the floor and it's taken you hours to get it just to your satisfaction. You stand back and admire your work when the neighbours' mongrel, looking rather like Spotty Dog from the Woodentops, comes bouncing ln, leaving a trail of footprints. You rush to repair the damage only to discover that you've run out of paint. Returning to the scene with dripping brush, your discover a moth has crawled along the top, a worm has entered from the side and Spotty Dog has retumed.

These are just a few of the things you have to contend with in Crazy Painter from Microdeal. There are eight levels of difficulty, and a high degree of frustration. The unpleasant creatures that try to ruin your brushwork increase in number as the difficulty goes up, and your pots of fresh paint rapidly disappear from the base of the screen. Occasionally, the display changes to paint slowly dripping from the top, and the object then is to prevent it reaching the bottom. Bonus points are awarded according to how long you delay your fate. This is an original idea and makes a pleasant change from the usual space games. To add to your irritation, there is even a rendition of "Whistle While You Work" in the background!"


CrazyPainter Screenshot01.png Crazy Painter 00 Title.png CrazyPainter Screenshot03.png Action at Level A Intense action at Level F Insane action at Level H CrazyPainter Screenshot04.png CrazyPainter Screenshot05.png


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