Cuthbert In Space

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Cuthbert In Space
Title image from the game
Developer {{{Developer}}}
Publisher Microdeal
Release 1984
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Arcade
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.pngIcon joystick 1.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

The Federal Chief has decided that Cuthbert is to go on a mission of plunder against the Moronians Solar System. Cuthbert lands his spacecraft on each planet but then has to refuel by stealing pods from the Moronian fuel dumps whilst avoiding the Solar Meteoroid Barrage. After filling up he goues and plunders as much loot as possible before take-off. All could go well but when he gets a malfunction he must send a pilotless shuttle to obtain spares and take off before the Moronians' bomb detonates.


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