Cuthbert In The Mines

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Cuthbert In The Mines
Title image from the game
Developer {{{Developer}}}
Publisher Microdeal
Release 1983
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Arcade
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.pngIcon joystick 1.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

The Moronians finally captured our hapless hero Cuthbert and put him to work in the mine, (together with several of his friends), which is guarded by a fierce demon. The only means of escape is a small hole in the ground. You must guide Cuthbert to safety by running along and jumping the rails, avoiding the trucks. If a truck hits him he will end up being fried in the fire below. Also, the demon guard doesn't like his prisoners escaping so he is constantly on guard and the fireballs that he spits out must be avoided at all costs.


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