Horace Goes Skiing

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Horace Goes Skiing
Title image from the game
Developer D. Jeans
Company Beam Software
Publisher Melbourne House/Preston_(R_&_AJ)
Release 1984
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Arcade
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.png Icon joystick 1.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

HORACE GOES SKIING is a sequel to the very successful HUNGRY HORACE. Help Horace to slalom down the mountain course between the flags and avoiding the trees - but first he must cross the busy roads to get to the ski slopes. A complex, colourful and outstanding computer game.


HoraceGoesSkiing Screenshot02.pngHoraceGoesSkiing Screenshot03.png


HoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Inlay Front.jpgHoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Inlay Back.jpg
HoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Tape Front.jpgHoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Tape Back.jpg
HoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Inlay Front alt.jpgHoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Inlay Back alt.jpg
HoraceGoesSkiing MelbourneHouse Tape alt.jpg